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4 Piece Space Case Magnetic Grinder/Sifter -  3.5" (90mm) Large - Titanium
4 Piece Space Case Magnetic Grinder/Sifter - 3.5" (90mm) Large - Titanium

4 Piece Space Case Magnetic Grinder/Sifter - 3.5" (90mm) Large - Titanium

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XYZ Precision Manufacturing
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    Space Case Grinders are manufactured with seamed edges. This process requires each unit to be individually machined from a single piece of aluminum, creating an invisible seam which leaves the turning movement as smooth as glass. The 4 piece design makes grinding, storage and sifting convenient in one design. The new style Space Case grinder/sifters have the trademark name and "Made in the USA" on the top of the grinder. While a Titanium look was present about 6 months ago - Space Case have now changed it to Black only. The Black anodizing process increases cost of the grinder/sifter only by a little. Each Space Case comes with a precision machined triangle collector to scrape the pollen from the bottom. The triangle can also be stored in the mid section as well to assist in the separation of the pollen. The triangle is specifically designed to fit the edge perfectly.


    Enjoy this BRAND NEW 4-piece Small Space Caseâ„¢ Sifter Grinder with Magnetic top. This air-tight grinder is made with anodized aerospace aluminum and finished with an ultra-hard titanium coating. The razor sharp, diamond shaped teeth can easily slice through even the toughest of spices with ease and will never become dull. The ultra durable screen allows only the purest pollen to fall through while also minimizing clogs.