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4 Piece Wooden Grinder/Sifter - 2.0" (53mm)
4 Piece Wooden Grinder/Sifter - 2.0" (53mm)

4 Piece Wooden Grinder/Sifter - 2.0" (53mm)

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    The 4 piece wood grinder is an excellent choice for someone who needs a simple and affordable grinder. The pin style grinder teeth are very effective in breaking up any type of material. You may also notice the machine drilled holes that allow your aromatic materials to fall down onto the micro mesh sifter screen. These sifter grinders have proven to accumulate a large amount of aromatic dust in a short amount of time.

    Key Features

    • 4 pc. Wooden Grinder
    • Rose Wood Finish
    • Pin Style Grinder
    • Micro Mesh Screen