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Bong Custom Little Sista 3.2mm Waterfall
Bong Custom Little Sista 3.2mm Waterfall
229,99 zl
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Bong Custom Little Sista 3.2mm Waterfall

Regular price 229,99 zl
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Preorder Available! This product is on the way and will be in stock soon. Pre-ordering will let you receive yours as fast as possible because preorders ship first!

The Bong Custom Little Sista 3.2mm Waterfall is currently out of stock. Don't worry though, more are already on the way and will be available soon!

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Regular Price:229,99 zl

  • Product Description

    The Roor Custom Little Sista 3.2 Waterfall really is too big for her boots! With an extra 10cm in height compared to regular Little Sista's, this custom bong is all grown up.

    This bong features ice notches cut into the sides, which allow you to add ice cubes to the chamber for an extra chilled smoke. To further enhance its muscular design, Waterfall includes a blue crown mouthpiece at the top. To top it all off, the sandblasted logo on the side provides an extra shot of sophistication.

    The Waterfall is a real powerhouse of a bong, with great character and excellent functionality. Dive deep into the cool, soothing embrace of Waterfall!

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    All of our RooR Customs are hand made in Germany at the RooR Studios. Demand is high for these very unique pieces. We always keep them in stock, but sometimes they sell out. The lead time for making them is around 3-4 weeks.


    Why not ask our customer service crew about the availability of this piece? If it's not in stock we will reward you for your patience. Just click the chat button on the bottom right hand corner to connect with one of our representatives.

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