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D-Nail HALO™ nail dish
D-Nail HALO™ nail dish
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D-Nail HALO™ nail dish

D-Nail NAMNDB18479
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  • Product Description

     These spare dishes for the D-Nail Digital Vaporizer e-nail systems are a direct replacement for the original titanium dish which comes with all of the D-Nail kits that Namaste Vapes sells. With the Halo nail system you don't need to go to the expense and effort of replacing your whole nail. All you do is unscrew the retaining screw at the top of you nail and then change out the dish on top. With these options you can switch out the titanium dish for either a Quartz one or a Silicone Carbide one (selectable from the drop down menu). Both of them give subtle but tasty differences in the flavor over the Titanium one and they are a great way of experiencing the subtle differences of your strains.