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Flowermate Chamber screens
Flowermate Chamber screens
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Flowermate Chamber screens

NamasteVapes™ NAMNBG16941
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  • Product Description

    Flowermate Chamber Screen

    OEM replacement chamber screen for the Flowermate V5.0 Vaporizers.

    This is a ceramic heating chamber, specially designed to ensure even vaporization with no stirring that results into a strong quality vapor.

    Flowermate Chamber Features:

    • Compatible with Flowermate V5.0 Vaporizers
    • Constructed with High Quality Ceramic Material

    How to Clean Flowemate Chamber?

    Just brush off the loading chamber and screen after use and use a q tip with cleaning solution or isopropyl alcohol if there is build up.

    That’s super easy, isn’t it?


    x Flowermate Chamber


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