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Gaia Magnetic Mouthpiece Cap | Linx
Gaia Magnetic Mouthpiece Cap | Linx
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Gaia Magnetic Mouthpiece Cap | Linx

NamasteVapes™ NAMNVA16993
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  • Product Description

    Gaia Glass Mouthpiece | Linx

    Gaia glass mouthpiece is perfect replacement glass mouthpiece specifically designed to use with Linx Gaia. This beautifully designed mouthpiece gives you incredibly smooth hits taken from your Gaia device. Glass is not chemically reactive and not “rub off” on vapor resulting into a great taste of vapor.

    Gaia Glass Mouthpiece Features:

    • Compatible only with Linx Gaia
    • Easy to Clean & Maintain
    • Ideal for smooth & flavorful hits


    x Linx Gaia Glass Mouthpiece Section

    Linx Vapor is widely known for it’s vaping innovation for new generation. We stock a large quantity of linx vapor accessories which come in really handy for any Linx products.

    Make one yours and check out our amazing collection of Gaia accessories.