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G Pen Pro Vaporizer UK
G Pen Pro Vaporizer
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G Pen Pro Vaporizer

Grenco Science NAMNVP21275
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  • Product Description

    G Pen Pro Vaporizer UK

    Grenco Science have done it, yet again! Even though it has been around for years, the original G Pro Vaporizer from Grenco Science is still known for being one of the best vapes on the market. Not only is it a pocket powerhouse that will do a great job of vaporizing your dry herbs, but it is also so subtle that most people won't even notice you using it, and on top of all that, the awesome price means it doesn't break the bank.

    Now Grenco Science have hit us with their latest offering, the new GPen Pro vaporizer, which takes all the features of the original that we loved so much and improves on each and every one of them to bring smokers a portable dry herb vape that will blow the competition away. This gives Grenco Science a chance to flex their muscles in other markets as, up until now, they’ve been dominating the other wax markets and putting up a big fight against other pen vape specialists like kandyPens and Dr. Dabber.

    High quality, low cost. Two of the tenants behind the creation of the GPen Pro. This beautiful little model not only has to beat out the model it’s replacing, the G Pro, but it has to be price minded enough to give everyone a chance to get it for themselves, and they’ve only gone and done the job to perfection.


    G Pen Pro Vaporizer UK - Features

    The new GPen Pro from Grenco Science features a body made of aluminum finished with a soft-touch matte coating which not only means that it feels great in the hand but it can also stand up to the knocks and bumps associated with daily use. To give users the best possible vaping experience the GPen Pro has a fully ceramic oven for your herbs and is also fitted with a ceramic heating element to keep your flavor clean and pure, just the way you want it. Ceramic heating elements are notorious for the amount of flavour they add to your vapour, which is why so many of the top-market models use them.

    The mouthpiece is made of plastic and has a soft silicone cover which makes it super comfortable on your lips when taking a draw. They have also kept the oven a good size and actually made it slightly larger so that you can pack plenty of herbs in there. It measures 8.6 mm across and just over 16mm deep so you can easily fit around a  quarter of a gram of material in there for each session.

    The GPen Pro is incredibly consistent, with a great amount of flavour and vapour density coming from all of the temperature settings built into the vape. The only thing that may affect the vapour is the amount that you pack into the chamber, but as long as your material is medium to finely grounded and packed tight, but not over packed, you shouldn’t have any problems.


    G Pen Pro Vaporizer - Temperature

    To give you the best vaping experience for you, The G Pen Pro have three temperature setting to choose from. The lowest is 375 degrees fahrenheit (blue) the middle is 400 degrees fahrenheit (green) and the highest is 428 degrees fahrenheit (red). These different settings mean you can tailor your flavor and vapor levels to exactly how you like it. The clever technology inside the GPen Pro also allows it to heat up from cold in as little as 20 seconds so you won't be left waiting for you hit while it gets ready.

    When your GPen Pro has finished heating up, the LED light display with turn solid, but, and here’s a very handy feature they’ve added in, the amount of lights that go solid on your vape will actually indicate how much battery is left, so you’ll always be one step ahead.


    G Pen Pro Vaporizer UK - Battery

    The lithium ion battery has a capacity of 1300mAh so you won't find you are left with a dead battery after just one or two sessions and charging is taken care of via a micro USB charging lead. This means you can pretty much plug in anywhere for a boost these days. Once turned on, the oven will immediately begin to heat up and then once there it will automatically power off after 4 minutes to conserve battery life.


    G Pen Pro Vaporizer UK - Packaging

    Each GPen Pro kit comes with a Micro USB charging cable, a G Pen tool and a cleaning brush, all courtesy of the good people at Grenco Science. When you buy the GPen Pro, you’re going to find packaging similar to the GPen Elite in the form of a cylindrical, double-sided, foam tube with all of your new vaping gear snugged safely inside. Both protective and delivers a wow factor when you first open that box.