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M4CC Wood Pocket Case with pollen sifter
M4CC Wood Pocket Case with pollen sifter
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M4CC Wood Pocket Case with pollen sifter

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    The FUM M4CC mini stash box is exactly what you need for when you are going to be out all day. It means you have somewhere to keep a small amount of herbs for the day without having to resort to little baggies where your material gets squashed and all those precious trichonmes get broken up and wasted. Made from Okume wood, they are stong and yet still much lighter than a metal stash tin. They are milled with a CNC machine for ultimate precision and a perfect fit and finish. The three parts of the case are held together by super strong rare earth magnets which make it pretty much certain that it will never come apart unless you actually want it to. For such a small box it also has a really good capacity. You can easily store three grams in there without having to squash or squeeze your material. The lower part of the case has a sifter tray built into it so that you can collect all the lovely trichomes that fall off your herbs during storage. These Spanish made cases are compact, light and incredibly useful. Grab your pocket humidor now and keep your herbs completely safe in perfect condition.