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RTP GOLD Series - Manual Hydraulic Rosin Tech Heat Press
RTP GOLD Series - Manual Hydraulic Rosin Tech Heat Press
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RTP GOLD Series - Manual Hydraulic Rosin Tech Heat Press

Rosin Tech NAMNEE460026-01
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  • Product Description

    RTP GOLD Series Manual Hydraulic Rosin Tech Heat Press

    Rosin pressing has become something of a phenomenon in recent years, as it's shot up from something done by the odd person with a hair straightener to a corner of concentrate culture enjoyed by many people! Thanks to a less harsh mouthfeel and a stronger flavour, rosin has become a firm favourite for people who find other concentrates rough and difficult to enjoy. Unfortunately, not everyone has a dispensary nearby that stocks rosin. That's where this device comes in; a sturdy press created specifically for home users!

    RTP Gold Series Manual Hydraulic Rosin Tech Heat Press Tutorial from SHO Media on Vimeo.


    • Free Local Shipping
    • Hydraulic style pressing 
    • Two 4"x4" plates
    • Celcius or Fahrenheit display temp
    • Digital display with heat control and timer
    • 10-ton jack
    • 0° - 482º F temperature 
    • Micro processor precision heat and temperature gauge
    • Size: 19 inches by 12 inches by 23 inches; Weight: 88LB 
    • Manual included!


    Hydraulic Harvest

    Simply connect your hydraulic hose with pliers and you're ready to go with your pump! Once the valve is locked, you can press to your desired pressure. This press can manage up to ten tons of pressure so don't be scared! It should go without saying though, be careful not to overload your rosin press as that could be dangerous. The benefit to a manual hydraulic press is you can choose exactly how much pressure you want to apply!

    Digital Display

    There are two separate LCD screens, one for each individual plate. On these, you can set the temperature, an automatic alarm, and even the display temperature on the device! This is incredibly easy to read and has almost no learning curve. The fourth and fifth options within the settings are simply for administration purposes, so you only need to bounce between the first three.

    Toasty Temperatures

    Find yourself in a whole new world with this wide array of temperatures! Once you have chosen between your display options, Fahrenheit or Celsius, you can set the plates to press at anywhere between 0° - 482º F. Most high-end vaporizers don't go above 420! This means you'll be able to choose the heat perfect for you and what you want to extract from your rosin. This rosin press makes the world of concentrates your oyster!


    Rosin Revolution

    Rosin has been shown to be easier to ingest than other concentrates, as it is more gentle on the throat and generally less strong. Ideal for people who are wary of chemicals and trying to find healthier solutions, if you are interested in vaping then rosin in the concentrate for you! It is only growing in popularity in the UK and the sky is the limit for this versatile little extract! Use it the exact same way you would use shatter or wax, simply place it in your vape or your bong lid and watch that sweet vapour rise!

    Rosin pressing as an industry is growing daily, and this is just one of the newest pieces to come onto the market to help people produce their own rosin at home! Created with the customer in mind, this easy-to-use device will have you delighting the world with your homemade rosin.


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