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RTP GOLD Series - Manual Rosin Tech Heat 5x5 Press
RTP GOLD Series - Manual Rosin Tech Heat 5x5 Press
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RTP GOLD Series - Manual Rosin Tech Heat 5x5 Press

Rosin Tech NAMNEE135847-01
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  • Product Description

     RTP GOLD Series Manual Rosin Tech Heat 5x5 Press

    Rosin pressing is delighting users worldwide, thanks to a promise of clean extract material and a softer experience in general! Ideal for people who find other concentrates like shatter or wax too harsh on the throat, rosin can be enjoyed more gently and even with more flavor according to recent research! Sadly, though it is becoming more popular it's not always possible to find rosin in the UK. That's where this rosin press comes in! At a budget price, get ready to experience the world of homemade rosin!

     Check out the Manual 5x5 Press in action!

    RTP Gold Series Manual 5x5 Rosin Press Tutorial from SHO Media on Vimeo.



    • Free Local Shipping
    • Clamshell style pressing 
    • Two 5"x5" plates
    • Celsius or Fahrenheit display temp
    • Digital display with heat control and timer
    • Can hold 850lb of product!
    • 0° - 415º F temperature 
    • Micro processor precision heat and temperature gauge
    • Size: 25 inches by 19 inches by 15 inches; Weight: 39LB 
    • Manual included!

    Clamshell Class

    The Clamshell clam design on this press is easy to use and a quick process overall! Rosin extraction is so clean because it only requires two things; heat and pressure. With this clamshell style heat press you can make sure the plates push exactly as much pressure as you'd like. All you have to do is pull down on the handle and then apply some pressure when your material and paper are where you want them!

    Digital Display

    To turn on your device make sure to flick the switches either side of the two dual LCD screens. There is one on each side of the device and you can set different display options per screen. They will show the exact heat of each plate at any given time so no need to worry about varying temperatures! After you have input your desired temperature there is also an option to set up an automatic alarm, which will beep once you have pressed for the time you want!

    Toasty Temperatures

     After you have chosen your display temperature on the LDC screens, Fahrenheit or Celsius, you can get on to pressing your material! This rosin press can hit anywhere from 0° - 415º F, making it on par with many upper-end vaporizers on the market today! With these precision heats, you can set the plates to be exactly as hot as you'd like, as that range is ideal for pressing!

    Rosin Revolution

    Rosin is becoming more popular with good reason. After research done in the last few years, people found that some other varieties of extracts still held the chemicals used in their extraction processes while they were being sold to customers. Thankfully these numbers are going down, due to legislation and more care, but many people have taken to rosin as a guaranteed clean option instead! With a softer mouthfeel and a stronger flavor, you will be able to taste the Blueberry Daze or Lemon Meringue you always dreamed about! 

    Rosin pressing was born in homes across the world, with dodgy hair straighteners and tinfoil, and we are excited to see it return to households with this classy new feel! No more broken hair appliances, get ready to clamp down on some delicious homemade rosin!


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