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Santa Cruz Shredder Jumbo 4-part
Santa Cruz Shredder Jumbo 4-part
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Santa Cruz Shredder Jumbo 4-part

Santa Cruz NAMNGD829213-01
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  • Product Description

    Santa Cruz Shredders are known for making some of the meanest grinders out there and their new Jumbo Shredder is the absolute daddy of them all. At a simply massive 100mm diameter, this CNC Aluminum grinder can tear apart crazy amounts bud. Even the stickiest and densest of materials is no match for this true beast of a grinder. Every single design element of the new Jumbo has been meticulously analysed and where they found a way to improve it, they have. Every single feature, from the revolutionary tooth design to the threading and the rare earth magnets used to hold it together has been carefully thought out and optimized for a grinder that is intended to have no equal. If you want the king, then look no further than the Santa Cruz Shredders Jumbo.