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X MAX Starry Vaporizer UK
X MAX Starry Vaporizer Kit
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X MAX Starry Vaporizer Kit

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  • Product Description

    X MAX Starry Vaporizer UK

    XMAX's newest portable dry herb vaporizer, the Starry isn't just an absolute bargain, it's a pocket sized powerhouse that will have you flying higher than the birds in no time at all. This discreet  and incredibly subtle vape has a full ceramic chamber and uses an embedded heating element which ensures that you always get perfect flavour no matter how much herb you pack in there for a session.

    X MAX Starry Vaporizer - Features

    It isn't just the flavour that impressed us with the Starry, we also found that the sheer levels of vapor production REALLY grabbed our attention as well. With clouds similar to the likes of the Pax 3, which is known for it's amazing vapor production but costs a huge amount more, it is definitely a device worth looking at. The digital screen lets you know exactly what the device is doing and you can adjust your oven temperature in 1 degree increments via the buttons on the front of the body. This means that you have the ability to perfectly customise the vapour temperature and density to your taste. 

    X MAX Starry Vaporizer - Materials

    The battery powering it is a standard vaping spec 18650 cell so it holds a good amount of charge but if you do find it is letting you down, you can just buy a spare battery and carry that with you just in case. The charging port is micro USB and the charger lead is standard USB so it is easy to get a top up charge anywhere you need to without issues. The metal body is tough and can easily stand up to the harshness of daily use. The top section is attached by a pair of strong magnets. To fill the device you just pop the top off and pack the chamber full with your herbs. For best results with conduction vaporizers it is always recommended to pack the oven nice and tight and this ensures an even amount of heat will be distributed through your herbs and so nothing is wasted. There are no long waiting times like you have to put up with on some other vapes either, this device takes less than 15 seconds to get to full operating temperature from the moment the oven starts to warm up. If you are looking for a budget vaporrizer that does an amazing job then this XMAX Starry is exactly what you need and it will have all your boxes ticked.